-- Pricewinners 2017 are Christian Braun (LMU München) and Manuel Valiente (CNIO Madrid).
The prices were handed out during the IMP conference 5th of October in Vienna

-- With our help Salvador Aznar, our first price winner, could find important results in the fields of Metastasis research. They were published in "Nature", December 2016.

-- The last "Get together" of the friends of the Beug Foundation was on June 18, 2016 in Vienna.

-- End of March 2016 we sent around our first Newsletter. If you are also interested to get one, please contact

Award Ceremonies

--2017: IMP Opening Conference in Vienna, Pricewinners are Christian Braun and Manuel Valiente
(Foto: IMP/Schedl)



-- 2015: On the occasion of the EMBO Symposium "Frontiers in Stem Cells and Cancer" in Heidelberg, John Thomson and Karin de Visser were presented as this year's award winners and received the prizes of the Beug Foundation

Get together of the friends of the Beug Foundation

In 2012, 2014 und 2016 friends and former colleagues of Hartmut Beug had a get-together in Vienna. The foundation presented its goals and the recent awardee and new activities were discussed. The foundation emphasized their gratefulness to receive further financial support and asked for continued donations and endowments.

Planned for each second year this get-together is supposed to keep the ties among the current friends of the Beug Foundation and jointly spread the word of the foundation and attract further friends and supporters to combat cancer and metastasis.