Aims of the Foundation

The founder, Dr. Hartmut Beug, recognized that many key findings in basic cancer research are not pursued because their clinical applicability is not immediately evident. This is particularly true for cancer metastasis, which is the cause of death in over 80% of cancer patients. The molecular basis of metastasis is largely unknown and, as such, represents an area of significant opportunity for progress. Relevant preliminary results are difficult to obtain when mechanisms of action are complex.

"Opportunities to identify new mechanisms of cancer metastasis and the research required to bring these findings to the clinic are currently not being adequately funded. The Beug Foundation for Metastasis Research has been conceived to support new, highly original approaches to basic research on cancer metastasis to stimulate the application of these findings in "translational research", and to promote the development of meaningful cooperation between basic and pharmaceutical research.

Dr. Hartmut Beug"