Selection Criteria

The focus of the prize is based on Hartmut Beug’s statement that “the great opportunities to contribute to a cure for metastatic tumors through the identification of new mechanisms of cancer metastasis and corresponding translational research are not exhausted by far, currently”. Therefore we want to support research on “new and original approaches to basic research on cancer metastasis, as well as new activities in the field of translational research”.

The prize will be awarded to a scientist who convincingly shows that the proposed project will generate a new opening in metastasis research. It must be clear from the proposal how the preliminary results obtained through the prize may enable the candidate to apply competitively for a research grant from national or international organizations.

Eligibility: We fund science performed in universities or not-for-profit organizations in the countries of the European Research Community (ERC; as defined by the EU In addition, we prefer to fund scientists in an early phase of their career.
In 2017 we will award 2 prizes to scientists who obtained their PhD at most 12 years ago (category B).